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With new Right Guard® Xtreme Clear®, you say the formula is an emulsion. What does that mean?
Glad you asked. It’s an entirely new formula that encapsulates the active ingredient in a water phase. Why is that important? Most invisible solids actually use wax, which means they’re not always all that invisible. We don’t use wax, so our formula goes on clear. Which means you can avoid annoying streaks or stains.
Can other companies copy these new formulas?

They can try, but they’d get in serious trouble with our lawyers. Our formula is patent pending and we spent a ton of money perfecting it for you. So enjoy the difference!

So Right Guard® Xtreme Clear® is 19% active ingredient, while Right Guard® Clinical Clear is 20% active. What’s the big difference?

Both products provide the best wetness protection we’ve seen, period. Right Guard® Clinical Clear™ also has Micro Activated Technology, so the active ingredient gets to work on your underarms immediately. Most products don’t work right away like that.

So how is Right Guard® Clinical Clear® different than the competition?

Other clinical formulas are “soft solids” which go on like a white cream. But Right Guard® Clinical Clear™ goes on clear without that creamy mess. And here’s something else. Many of our competitors instruct you to put their products on at night for best results. But our Micro Activated Technology can be applied whenever you want to deliver clinical-level efficacy because it starts working right away.

Is Right Guard® Clinical Clear® really “clinical”?

Absolutely. Real scientists in real lab coats carrying real clipboards tested the product clinically. It contains 20% active ingredient to help control profuse sweating. That’s the highest amount of active ingredient allowed by the FDA, and it’s available without a prescription.

How does Right Guard® Xtreme Fresh® re-activate?

It sounds pretty sci-fi, right? Right Guard® Xtreme Fresh® has a premium feature called fragrance encaps. They’re these tiny little molecules that store fragrance. The fragrance is released by either moisture or motion all throughout the day, so you keep smelling great and feeling confident.

So how is this better than other non-residue or non-staining products?
To reduce staining, other antiperspirants and deodorants have reduced their active ingredient levels. This lowers the efficacy of the product (a fancy way of saying “it doesn’t work so well”). During hot room testing (yes, we actually have a hot room we make people sit in), Right Guard® Xtreme Clear® has proven to be our most effective formula ever.
Thanks for introducing Right Guard® Xtreme Fresh® last year. I love it!

That’s not really a question, but we’ll take a compliment like that any time. And thank you, too! You helped make Right Guard® Xtreme Fresh® the third most popular new antiperspirant deodorant.

I’m a big fan of Right Guard® aerosols. So what’s the difference between a spray, a stick and a gel?

A spray, a stick and a gel sounds like the beginning of a joke where they all walk into a bar, right? Anyway, many Right Guard® aerosols are deodorant only, where sticks and gels are usually antiperspirant and deodorant. As a side note, Right Guard® is America’s #1 aerosol. Foam fingers for everyone!

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